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Use digital elevation model (DEM) data to create routes with realistic terrain.

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demex_setup151.exe Keycode: galtijoomwgvfn

With a valid keycode upgrade to

Terrain Tutorial: demex_tutorial.pdf


Replace default dynamic track using custom profiles.


Download: includes profiles for UKFineScale and ScaleRail


Jump to named locations within Route Editor.

Buy Now - $10 US Keycode 122857


Expand your use of textures to create better looking routes.

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mosaic_setup102.exe Keycode: glmeioolmilefs

With a valid keycode upgrade to

Missing World Files

Creates missing world sound files which results in slow Route Editor performance. Includes a calculator to convert between world file names and tile file names.

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Route Riter

Tools to verify and correct Train Simulator content

Buy Now - $10 US Free to download and use Route Riter


Convert Microsoft Train Simulator shape (.s) files to .3ds files

ShapeConverter Download: ShapeConverter_R4.1.7z source code ShapeConverter_R4.1_src.7z

TrainSim Modeler

CAD tool for creating Train Simulator shape files

TrainSim Modeler Download: DigitalRailsTSM.exe

TSRE5 Route Editor

A new route editor created by Piotr Gadecki using Qt. Download: TSRE5_v0.6948.exe

Source code:

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