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Route Riter

Route Riter

Route Riter is a set of tools for Microsoft Train Simulator created by Mike Simpson. These tools are free to download.

An open source version of Route Riter is at

Development Plans

Prepare the Visual Basic 6.0 code for migration to Visual Basic .NET.

Apply for the Windows 7 logo,

Separate application and data tiers into a DLL separate from presentation.

Change the user interface to an inductive user interface,

Fully parse the Microsoft Train Simulator files by adapting an XML parser,


Compatible with Windows 7

Download: Version 7.8.10


If you are having problems creating images, copy PicFormat32.dll to either C:\Windows\system32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64. The newer version included with the prior installers is not compatible with Shape Viewer.

If you are having problems with the Check Rolling Stock dialog, create a folder named TempFiles within the Digital Rails\Route Riter folder.

Development Releases

Version 7.8.10 Added support for Open Rails installation profiles.

Version 7.8.9 Added support for WORLD command to split and merge statics.

Version 7.8.8 Added no to all when terrtex file exists in another route.

Version 7.8.7 Added no to all for creating a snow terrtex file. Updated to version 3.6.05 of TsUtils.

Version 7.8.6 Faster loading engines and wagons in editor. Center form on startup if positioned off screen.

Version 7.8.5 Fixed interface to ConBuilder. Updated path to RailDriver files. Removed more write references to application folder. Restored normal cursor from watch cursor in edit engine dialog.

Version 7.8.4 Select .ref file if only one in route folder. Move class edit box in .ref editor so that it is not hidden. In consist editor Show in 3D includes freight animiation. Restore mouse pointer after clicking stuck points buttons.

Version 7.8.3 Set Java classpath for manual TsUtils. Removed more write references to application folder.

Version 7.8.2 Fixed defect caused by removing two empty folders from the application folder. Removed more write references to application folder.

Version 7.8.1 Prevent application quit when registry key is empty. Remove more write references to application folder.

Version 7.8.0 Restore selected tab, avoid errors when language file not found, use trainlib.ocx to create wagon thumbnail files

Version 7.7.9 Remove more write reference to the program files folder related to creating images.

Version 7.7.8 Java is no longer required by Route Riter, but is still required by TsUtils.

Version 7.7.7 Remove write references to the program files folder. Use default web browser to open links.

Version 7.7.6 Move FAQ to compiled help file.

Version 7.7.5 Set default path for TsUtil and AceIt. Reduce time to quit.

Version 7.7.4 Fixed error 380, Invalid property value, when Microsoft Train Simulator was not installed.

Version 7.7.3 User can set location of TsUtil.

Version 7.7.2 Updated about dialog and web links. Removed some write references to the program files folder.

Version 7.7.1 Set the Java classpath parameter.


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