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Train Sim Modeler

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Train Sim Modeler was described at with version 1.1 updates at

Author site:







File Formats

3DS: 3D-Studio file format

MLI: material-library file format

DST: TSM document

DSP: TSM part

FSC: FS Design Studio file format

S: MSTS shape file format

Possible Changes

Bug tracker: mantis

Document DST, DSP and FSC file formats.

Import of 3DS and S format files.

Direct use of ACE textures.

Convert between S, 3DS and DST files.

Expand size of texture mapping window.

Add features of PolyMaster including sub-objects.

Fix bug in calculation of volume sphere.

Move projects folder to user folder to get certification for Windows 7.

Add support for Trainz using Trainz Mesh Importer.

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