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File: 3DTrains_FSkin_SOO_200/SOO 200A & 200B Read Me.txt

Read Me for SOO Line F3A 200A and 200B

Original Model by 3D-Trains, < demo > version 3.0 - please refer to < 3D-Trains Read Me >, < 3D-Trains License > and < 3D-Trains Distribution > for further information and detailed terms of use and re-distribution. Notice: The shape file of No.200B has been altered in so far as it now calls for A2_Main.ace, A2_Number.ace, A2_Engineer.ace and A2_Fireman.ace. This allows to pack two engines into one folder, which has been explicitly allowed for by 3D-Trains (cf. Terms and Conditions, confirmed by e-mail).

Reskin into SOO Line Maroon Gold Pine Tree colour scheme by Anthony D. Cook, originaly done December 12, 2004. Textures update July 29, 2005.

Prototypical Information

SOO Line acquired No.200A, and No.200B new from EMD in October 1947. They were the only phase II F3 owned by SOO, and run as a 3000 hp set. 200A and 200B served the SOO Line until Febuary 1965, when they were traded to EMD for GP35's. After their withdrawal, both were sold for scrap and eventually broken up.

Installing the Engines

In accordance with the licensing policy of 3D-Trains, the engines are aliased to use the GP38 sound files and cabview by default. If you wish to change it to play a different sound file, and/or to display a more realistic cabview, follow the instructions provided in the file < SOO 200A & 200B Read Me > in the engine's folder.

-> Sound: 

   1) Find out if the author of the sound you wish to use has provided < alias > files

      1.1.) If yes: copy his xxxcab.sms and xxxeng.sms alias files

      1.2.) Post them into the < sound > folder inside < 3DTrains_FSkin_SOO...>

      1.3.) Delete the old gp38cab.sms and gp38eng.sms or move them to a back-up folder

      1.4.) Rename the files you just copied from xxxcab.sms into gp38cab.sms and
            xxxeng.sms into gp38eng.sms

      1.5.) That should do it, pal.

   2) If not: if you feel expert enough, you can still change the sound by editing all the
      .eng files < AUnitSkin_SOO_200A.eng > and 
      < AUnitSkin_SOO_200B.eng >

      2.1.) Make a back-up of the .eng files. MAKE A BACK-UP.

      2.2.) Check the location of the yyycab and yyyeng.sms files you wish to switch to

      2.3.) Memorized or even better note the path to these files (path = sequence of
            folders to open).  

      2.4.) Start WordPad and open the .eng-files.

      2.5.) In the files, search for all lines containing < .sms >

      2.6.) Change < gp38cab.sms > to < "../../aaa/bbb/yyycab.sms" >. Yeah, I'll explain!

	    2.4.1.) Whereas: aaa is the name of the first folder MSTS has to open within 
                    the same directory in which also < AUnit_Skin_SOO_200 > is (for
                    most of you, I hope, that will be inside < Trainset >).

	    2.4.2.) bbb is the next folder inside aaa MSTS has to open in order to get to
                    the sound you want to use, etc.

            2.4.3.) yyy is the name of the new sound. Make sure you do not mix cab and eng
                    sounds when renaming.

      2.7.) Let me state that with an example: If you wished to change the F7s sound to the
            sound of the default Dash 9 (not realistic, but easiest to explain), your new
            cab-sounds line would read < Sound ( "../../dash9/sound/d9cab.sms" ) >

      2.8.) Check that you got all the lines with .sms in it, and save as Unicode-document.

      2.9.) This should do it... If not, you still have the back-up of 2.1.), haven't you?

-> Cabview:

   For people that already have an F7-Set of 3D-Trains' Pro-Series, an alias pointing to
   3D-Trains' Pro Cabview is included in the folder < Options > inside the directory 
   < cabview > of the SOO F3. To use it, copy the file < Pro_series.cvf > into the
   directory < cabview >, delete the old 3DTrains_FUnit.cvf and rename the file you just
   copied to < 3DTrains_FUnit.cvf >. In the folder Options, you also find an Alias to
   switch back to the default GP38, named freeware.cvf.    


The lenghty folder- and file names are also part of the licensing agreement of 3D-Trains, in a noble attempt to maintain a standardized nomenclature for all existing and future repaints of the < demo > version 3.x of their F7. Basically, despite their unhandy length, these filenames should not cause problems on any computer that runs on Win95 or higher. 

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