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File: 3DTrains UP Flag Scheme/3DTrains_513_UP/Distribution.txt

EMD F-Unit v4.2b
File Date: 09.21.05

All files, images, and documentation is the property of 3DTrains. None of the included files
may be distributed without the express written permission of Marc J. Nelson. Additional info
is located in the included licence.txt. Exceptions and rules are as follows:


 - Redistributed skins must be original works, and not those of 3DTrains or another author.

 - Model may be freely distributed so long as the freeware Readme.txt and License.txt are

 - Both A and B freeware units must be distributed as a minimum set. Adding additional copies
   of the A or B freeware units is at the discretion of the reskin-author. Keep in mind that
   a single unit with all its images can add a significant amount to the size of the final

 - The header of the LOCO.ACE file that contains the logo and border must not
   be altered. You may however, change the image of the loco to an image of your reskin.

 - Distributed sets does not need to include an Options folder or the included batch files.
   You may however, include them with your package as to make things easier for your users.
   However, you must pay careful attention to the names of the destination ENG files
   contained in them, as well as careful editing of the ENG files themselves. Failure to do
   so will result in errors for your users. For more info, see the BATCH FILES & EDITING
   section below.

 - 3rd-party support for reskins will not be provided by 3DTrains. The author distributing
   their reskin set is solely responsible for problems arising from its use.

 - Distributed sets must use the Freeware.eng configuration by default - in other words,
   before distributing your package, be sure to use the Use_Freeware batch file located in
   the Options folder so as not to cause errors for those who do not own one of the 3DTrains
   Pro Series sets. Freeware distribution ENG files are included for your convenience and
   are located in the Options folder of this set. As well, ENG files for both single and
   double headlight sets are included, but you will need to determine before hand which to
   use and to include the proper one when distributing a reskinned set.

 - Only the ENG file may be renamed. Except when creating multiple sets to reside in the
   same folder, it is recommended that you do not alter the naming of the image files.

   Recomended naming of the ENG files is as follows:

        where  is the intitials of the road you're modeling - ie: ATSF
        where  is the number applied to the locomotive - ie: 123

   Example: AUnitSkin_ATSF_123
        Note underscores between entries - this make it easier to read, but is not required.

 - The names preceding the _ - AUnitSkin and BUnitSkin - should remain
   intact to keep things nice and tidy.

 - Folder containing the images and locomotive files must follow a similar naming scheme to
   the one included with this set. Using the example above, the ATSF folder would be called:





   3DTrains_FSkin_ATSF_XX (where "XX" can be your initials)

 - Any breach of the above guidelines is subject to permanent ban from future Pro Series
   addons, sets, free upgrades and forum access. It'll also piss me off big time. You have
   the rules, so I won't accept that you hadn't read them or known about them (RTFM).

 - Additional terms can be found in the included License.txt. All information is subject to
   change without prior notification.

Included with the freeware F-Unit A/B set are a series of batch files to make it easier for
users to hide/display flags and crew and to use either the default MSTS GP-38 cab for
freeware users, or the F-Unit cab for Pro Series commercial sets. Distribution of these
batch files is not required. However, if you do distribute these with your reskin, you must
pay careful attention to the names of certain files within the following batch files:

 - Use_Freeware_Dual_Headlight_FUnit.bat
 - Use_Freeware_Single_Headlight_FUnit.bat
 - Use_Pro_Series_Dual_Headlight_FUnit.bat
 - Use_Pro_Series_Single_Headlight_FUnit.bat

Naming follows the guidelines above - the only entries needing changes are the file names
AUnit__.eng and BUnit__.eng. Each
of these batch files use basic DOS variables for naming...All you need to do is change the
variables at the top of each batch file.

   ATSF example: SET AUNIT=AUnitSkin_ATSF_123.eng
                 SET BUNIT=BUnitSkin_ATSF_456.eng

Do not alter the "SET AUNIT=" or the "SET BUNIT=" parts - only the name of the file as shown
above. Only basic DOS commands were used, and should work fine for all Windows versions.

Other batch files inside the Options folder should not be edited.

Single and dual headlight ENG files are provided for your convenience. If you include the
Options folder with your reskin, you must also edit the included ENG files to match the
primary ENG files for both the A and B-units in the main folder. However, you should not
alter the aliased entries for sound and cab.

All this stuff is really very simple. All you have to do is make a copy of all the files,
and basically change the names of the road names and numbers. Once you've created a new set
of skins, you're ready to highball! :o)

 - Include an additional readme file (such as Readme1st.txt) to talk about your reskin, why
   you created it, or anything you feel needs to be said about the models you painted.

 - It is recommended that units of no more than 4 freeware units in a set be distributed to
   keep overall file sizes reasonable.

 - Don't forget to edit/change the locomotive images contained in the LOCO.ACE file for your
   reskin. Additional GIF files are included for use with ConBuilder.

 - Test your files! Test your files! Test your files!

 - If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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