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File: Airslide_40_SSW_79505_GM/Readme_SSW_79505.txt

SSW 79505
A 42' Airslide hopper for MSTS
Version 1.2
Photoskin by L. W. Shell; a repaint of george Mathews' SP 403009.
Texture modifications by L. W. Shell
Wagon physics modifications by L. W. Shell

Unzip this folder directly to your Trainset folder. (Alternately, unzip this folder to any location convenient to you, then Move or Copy it to your Trainset folder.) Create a consist using this car, and enjoy. For ease of finding the new car among your rolling stock, its name begins with "Airslide 40'...."

Airslide hoppers were built by General American Car company (GACX). This model is of the "single bay" (actually a pair of discharge bays side-by-side) 2600 cubic foot model, approximately 42 feet long. This car has vertical car sides and "buttress" type end bracing. 

This small model of the Airslide hopper was manufactured well into the 1970s. These cars often carried edible commodities such as flour,sugar, and bicarbonate of soda. Many of these cars are still in use. The cars are often rebuilt into a pair of drawbar-connected cars, used to haul fly ash from power plants to concrete products manufacturing sites. 

The inspiration for this model is based on a photograph by John Rodgers who filmed the car in California. I found John's photo on Lee Gautreaux's SP/SSW freight Cars website. Both John and Lee have granted permission for a freeware MSTS model based on the photo.

The correct original color for the lettering is probably SP scarlet.

Other thanks go to George Mathews II for his remarkable shape building, to Lee Gautreaux for his inspiration and research library, and to Otto Wipfel, Joe Morris and Bill Prieger for their work on Bin-suitable coupler values.

This MSTS model is freeware, and is not to be used for any commercial purpose without express written consent of all contributors. Redistribution of this model or any of its parts is prohibited.

Repainting, reskinning, or retexturing of this model for personal use is permitted. Any redistribution of any derivative work from this model is subject to the following terms:

--the model must be freeware and completely non-commercial.
--the model must include this readme file in its entirety.
--appropriate credit must be given to the model builder (George Mathews II) and to the repainter (L. W. Shell). Any photographer credited in this readme must be credited if the derivative work makes use of any part of any texture file based on that photograph. 
--the model must be uploaded only to the MopHouse file library.

Any exception to these terms requires express written consent of all contributors to this model.

L. W. Shell
12 February 2008

George Mathews' original readme follows.

An add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator
Created by (c) George R Mathews II, 2008

Version 1.0

January 27, 2008

Original Model by: George R Mathews II
Original Textures by: George R Mathews II
Photographs by: Wayne Shell
Original .wag File by: George R Mathews II

Original Model created using Abacus Train Sim Modeler v1.1
Original textures created using Adobe Photoshop 6.0


1. Copy the folder called SP_403009_AirSlide_Hopper to your ... \TRAINS\TRAINSET folder.
     Assuming a default install, the full name would be:
     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET
2. Add the Hopper to a consist using the Consist Editor.
3. Start MSTS and enjoy!


- This model is released as freeware.
- This model is available exclusively for a TEST VERSION ONLY--DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and is not to be distributed in any other way, commercial or non-commercial, without prior consent from the original author, George R Mathews II.
- Modification of the original shape file included is not permitted.
- Retexturing of this model is permitted, however proper credit must be given and 
this read-me must be included with any files to be distributed.
   Please note that this is only the first version of this car and therefore 
the texture maps may not be the most desirable for retexturing. 
- Use this file at your own risk.  While I take precautions to avoid any potential for 
harm from this file, I cannot and will not be held accountable for any damage which 
may result from its use.


Thank you for downloading the SP_403009_AirSlide_Hopper.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

If you have any questions, comments, or wish to distribute this file, please contact 
me at


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