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File: BCLWMILWSD402Pack2/End User License Agreement for Freight Animation Shapefile.txt

End User License Agreement for Freight Animation Shape
  I will accept no liability for your use of these files. You are using them at your own risk. The various parts not created 
by me are used with permission of there respective creators. 
  The Freight Animation is distributed as "Freeware", and may not be used in "Payware" items without
my permission. Contact me for further details at the e-mail listed below.

  Feel free to use this Freight Animation however you wish. Depending on the request, I am open to modifying/adding/deleting parts to
 the Freight Animation to work with your repaint. I only have 2 requirements I ask you to follow-
1) All credits must remain in the readme. Others put there time and effort into this project, and I feel they should recive recognition for it.
2) I ask -NOT require that you send me a copy of your repaints to my e-mail address or otherwise contact me. This is NOT so I can approve it, I am just interested in
seeing what is happening with my work.

Copyright Matt Olesen 2009
Contact me at: BCLW forums ( or

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