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File: BCLW - BCR RS18u Pack/SOUND/Read_Me.txt

Prototype Alco 251 sounds by Ron Furto.  
All engine prime mover sounds and the outside dynamic brake sounds are from real Alco locomotives. 
The horn is from a LS&I RSD12. A few other sounds like the sander are aliased to the default GP38. 

These sounds are correct for any 12 cylinder Alco 251 powered locomotives which would include the RS11, RS32, RS36, 
RSD12, C420 and also the 8 cylinder C415. Canadian built MLW 12 cylinder units would include the FPA-4, RS18, M420 
and the HR412. I realize that some of these models don't exist for MSTS but maybe someday they will. 
When you start up your train simulator go to the options page for sound. These sounds will play best if the 
slider bar for quantity of sounds is set on high all the way to the right.
If you have any comments or questions you can send me a private message on the forum at
My name on the forum is "rockislandfan".  

These sound files were made to be played in Microsoft Train Simulator only. They are placed in the library as freeware. These files may not be redistributed as freeware or payware. 

Use these files at your own risk. These files should in no way harm your computer but if for some bizarre  
reason they do, I am not liable. Also if you ruin something because you played these sounds to loud,  
again I am not liable. By downloading and installing these files you agree to this.

After unzipping you will find two folders, one labeled "SOUND" and one labeled "AI". Just copy and paste the 
"SOUND" folder into any engine you choose but first remove any existing sound folder if there already is
one. Next open the engine file with wordpad. If you are new at this I would highly recommend that you
make a backup copy of the engine file first. In the engine file scroll down past the lighting section and 
look for the line for the engine sound. Change that line to read "ALCO251eng.sms". Then scroll down to near the bottom 
and find the line for the cab sound. Change that line to read "ALCO251cab.sms". Also while in the engine file 
look for this line  "DieselEngineMaxRPMChangeRate"  and change the number on this line to 70. Save your 
changes when you close.

You may want to place this "SOUND" folder in your common sound folder and alias any engine to it. You can
find information at on how to alias engine sound.        
The AI folder in this zip file includes one Alco 251 sound clip which will be played in AI traffic from any engine   
using this ALCO251eng.sms file. Open your main train simulator folder and you will find a SOUND folder there.   
Copy and paste or drag and drop this AI sound clip into that main sound folder. Do NOT copy and paste the  
whole AI folder just the sound clip inside. Thats it. Close and enjoy your new Alco 251 sounds. 


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