Digital Rails

File: BNSF7695_H3/Readme_First!.txt

MSTS BNSF ES44DC - # 7695
The only BNSF yellow powerbar logo, repainted by Ken Plaza
Original model and textures by Nick Kelsey of MASW
Engine file and file editing by John Means of MASW
ES44DC Physics by Bob Boudoin
See original readme for all the full credits
Beta tested by Mr. Bill and Frank Burns

Cabview and Sounds are aliased to default Dash 9.  There is an option folder with MLT's Rogers Pass Route AC4400 cabview and an engine file.  Save the orginal eng file and the cvf somewhere safe in your computer before you copy and paste the eng and cvf file if you want to use the optional files.

These units have no smoke emissions as set up by the model creators.

Installation -

1. Unzip all files to a temporary folder
2. Copy and Paste this extracted folder to your Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Trains\Trainsets
3. Create a consist with either ConBuilder or the Activity Editor
4. Load the sim and highball on your favorite route!

Additional info--

The shape file included is the works of MASW 
This loco is available only at the Mophouse File library.
and repaints may not be distributed ANYWHERE without their permission 
Their Readme is enclosed from the original Union Pacific CW45AC.

Any problems or comments, Pm or email me
Ken Plaza
Mophouse Adminstrator
Muschka Activity Works

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