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The Guilford Virtual Rail System and Waterville Locomotive & Car Paint Shop EULA.

1. All models of buildings, railcars, or engines are used as freeware, and are ment to stay that way.
2. My repaints are used on My own models or others and are mostly freeware unless on a payware model and do not include the .s file.
3. When you repaint any of my models, They should mainly be uploaded to MLT downloads. If not, when uploaded at another website. Do NOT include the .s  file and place in the readme where you can obtain it.
4. Routes I build are for freeware use only. Models contained in it are freeware and credit is given to those that made the models.
5. Models I may make for my routes with other peoples textures on it are given full credit.
6. GVRS - WLCPS is lisenced under My name.
7. GVRS and WLCPS is part of Ed's Trains. Any problems with the website, please report to me and I will inform Ed.
8. When you repaint my stuff. Please give full credit to all those that are named off in my readme file.
9. I wish to not be instant Messaged on AIM, Yahoo or MSN. Please email me at or
10. GVRS-WLCPS is made to reproduce most of New England railroads. Mostly the following. Guilford Rail System; St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railway; Montreal, Maine & Atlantic; Maine Eastern; Housatonic Railroad Company.
11. GVRS-WLCPS is lisenced by Union Pacific Railroad and CSXT Transportation until the year of 2008.
12. Railcars I repaint, are mostly paints of what I see on the Rumford Branch or in Pictures on the GRS Main Lines.
13. All railroads done by GVRS-WLCPS are lisenced by their own company name and owners.
14. Do not steal my work, I do not take kind to those that do. 
15. Do not steal my signatures or anything elsed lisenced under GVRS-WLCPS. You do, and you will be having some legel issues.
16. Do not steal anything of GVRS-WLCPS. Rules will change!
17. Activites made for GVRS are used on any route, not just mine. They may use other repainters work. If so, and they do not work on your system. I am not to blame
18. This E.U.L.A. May change at any time when and if I want to.

Shawn Kelley
Guilford Virtual Rail System
Waterville Locomotive & Car Paint Shop
Ed's Trains.

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