Digital Rails

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MSTS The Ultimate Railbox Set

A set of 10 TTX/Railbox cars that span 30 years. This is the ultimate set of these cars, and includes all major design and paint schemes. The set includes 3 RBOX's (50' Plate C boxcar with single sliding 10' door - one with a open door on one side), 1 ABOX (50' Plate C boxcar with combination 6' plug door and a 10' sliding door), 3 FBOX's (50' Plate F Hi-cube boxcar with a single 12' plug door), 2 TBOX's (60' Plate F Hi-cube boxcar with two 8' plug doors) and a single IBOX (60' insulated Plate F Hi-cube boxcar with two 8' plug doors). The set is small enough to be included with activities. Comes with a automatic installer. Shapes and Textures by "Funnelfan" Ted Curphey.

Ted Curphey

Use the automatic installer to install the cars.

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