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File: CNW8718/ReadMe.txt

GE 9-44CW (C44-9W)- CNW #8718 TRAILER UNIT
for Microsoft Train Simulator
March 10, 2006
Original Model by: Diesel-West 
Copyright 2005 - Diesels-West   
1.Extract the folders from this .zip into a temporary location. 

2.Copy and paste,or click and drag, the locomotive folder(s) into your 'TRAINSET' folder 
                    > Programs/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/trains/TRAINSET directory.
3.Build your consist using the MSTS Activity editor. 
Diesels West 9-44CW locomotives come with air system sounds that include 'spitters' (for the lead locomotives, when in the throttle's idle position), 
and periodic momentary discharge of air from the Main Reservoir tanks on all units(Main Reservoir Drain Valves). The spitters and Drain Valves allow air 
to bleed off from the Main Reservoir tanks discharging corrosion causing moisture.
IMPORTANT: You must have the 'DASH9' and 'GP38' folders in the 'TRAINSET' folder with all of their sound files intact so that
your new locomotive can use some of those sounds. If you altered these folders, you will need to reinstall Microsoft Train Simulator.  
If you want to check it, it should be here>  ../Train Simulator/Trains/TRAINSET/DASH9/SOUNDS and ..GP38/SOUNDS
If you attempt to run a TU locomotive as the lead loco, the simulation will not load properly. That's why it has
a unique name in the activity editor (i.e., 'UP TU #5767 AC4400CW'), and the activity editor will prompt you that the consist is not drivable
upon saving.

TU locos work well as idle units on a siding etc., and will throttle up when coupled by a drivable unit.   
Locomotive information can be found by clicking the 'details' tab in Train Simulator

These locomotives come with the 1024x1024 textures only.   

If you don't already have the Train Simulator update, you can get it from the website:

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