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File: CNW_FMC_Hopper/Readme.txt

MSTS CNW Patched FMC Hopper Twin pak

Contained within the pack are Two completely different photoskinned CNW FMC 3 Bay hoppers

to use and place the resulting folder "CNW_FMC_Hopper" into the Trains/Trainset folder
within MSTS, create a consist using the MSTS editor, Conbuilder or your favourite utility.


Jeff Auberpine: 3D Shape and original textures
Ted Curphey:  ace file mapping for trucks and couplers
Bernard Grant: Photoskinning of CNW hoppers & Set Creation

Photographers Credits: all have given permission to use

CNW #182940 reskin from photo by Rick Morgan on
CNW #182960 reskin from photo by Mark Winter on

This pack is freeware and not to be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.
for permission to reskin contact one or both persons listed below.

by Jeff Auberpine &
Bernard Grant (burgerbern)

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