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Microsoft Train Simulator Canadian Pacific content Downloads 

Canadian Pacific Railway is pleased to offer these trainsets for Microsoft Train Simulator. Currenty available are downloads for  the 1955 Canadian streamliner,  the Empress  2816 and the Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train. 

 These models have been produced with the assistance, permission and consent of Canadian Pacific Railway, and as such may be considered "official" until such time as otherwise indicated.  

All models have been tested with Microsoft Train Simulator running on a P4 2.8 system with 1Gb RAM and an ATI 9600 Pro 256MB video card, with Windows XP Professional as operating system.

Canadian Pacific Railway assumes no responsibility or liability for any Train Simulator or personal computer  hardware/software problems you may encounter after installing these files. By using these downloads, you accept all responsibility and liability for any computer problems that may arise subsequent to the install and use of these items. The Canadian Pacific Railway logo and wordmark and copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. These files may not be redistributed or modified without express consent of Canadian Pacific, or the content creators. For full information, please refer to the "readme.txt" file included in each download.

By downloading and installing these files, you will be deemed to have accepted the above terms.

Questions/comments regarding these files and their use in Microsoft Train Simulator may be addressed to

We hope you enjoy these trainsets.

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