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File: CP Heritage/CP1971/readme_Blank_Sd70Ace3.txt

Blank SD70 Ace 3 SD70Aces by Ken Plaza 
Model by Dwight Miller
READ --------->  It has a remade Shapefile for this engine and may not work anywhere else - Dwight Miller <--------------- 
Textures by Jim England

Update; added a center line on nose to make it easier for repainter to find a center spot.

The engines represented here is the Blank SD 70Ace3, lead unit and trailing unit.  This is a third revisted s.file to correct cab/nose mapping and radiator housing. You may paint it to any RR's of your choice providing that you keep this s.file with this model and not use it with other older version of the SD70 Ace by Dwight Miller.
You'll also need Dwight Mitchell's SD70Aces cabview from the file library at;  Follow directions in his readme and it's simple to follow.


1. Unzip it to your paintshop folder and paint away!  Any questions, Just PM me at the Mophouse. 

Disclaimer: this locomtive run fine on my machine.  I am not liable
for any damages these addons may cause. (Although they SHOULD NOT)
Only to be distributed at the Mophouse file library.  Not to be released anywhere else.
Read this from Frank Burns;

If you obtained ANY of MY repaints from anywhere but here, THEY ARE PIRATED and UNAUTHORIZED! Mart's Repaints are available only HERE and! Dennis Jones' Repaints are available HERE only! Charley's are HERE and ONLY! Ken Plaza's repaints are HERE only! 
The undecorated model is available in the LOCOMOTIVES section of the library. You are free to paint and upload it, provided you follow Dwight's very simple requirements in the readme file.  

Ken Plaza
BNSF733 and bnsf1959
Mophouse co-adminstrator

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