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File: CR_C40-8W_6214/ReadMe.txt

CR C40-8W #6214

Add-on repaint Locomotive for purchasers of the Santa Fe Superfleet Engine Pack
By Stream Lines Corp "http//" 

This repaint includes a freight animation to add parts characteristic of the CR engine. Freight animations add poly count to the original model and can reduce frame rate, playability, and on slower computers, cause MSTS to freeze entirely.  Many enthusiasts of MSTS have found that by installing a patch known as MSTS BIN, most of these problems can be reduced or eliminated.  Though MSTS bin is "use at your own risk" and not authorized by Microsoft, you can find more information at


1. Unzip from this download the folder "CR_40CW_6214" and place it in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS. 
	Common location: (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)

2. Locate the original installation folder for the Streamlines product; Santa Fe Superfleet Engine Pack
	Common location: (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\SLI.SUPERFLEET)

3. Locate and copy the file ( SF_8_40CW_944.s ) in the SLI.SUPERFLEET folder and paste it into the folder named CR_40CW_6214.

4. Rename the copied file ( SF_8_40CW_944.s ) to read ( CR_40CW_6214.s )

5. Copy the cabview and sound files into the CR_40CW_6214 folder.

 Make a consist with the utility of your choice and Enjoy.



Original Model and textures By Stream Lines Corp. 

Freight Animation by Jeff Auberpine.

Fonts by Pete Willard.

Blank textures by Eric Pannese.


Repaint by Enrique Castellanos S.

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