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CR GP35 Set

This is a set of two Conrail GP35s, numbered 3645 and 3669. This set requires ownership of the 
ATSF Locomotive pack Volume 2 from Streamlines (now included in the ATSF Superpack)

NOTE: Installation requies minor editing of shape files.


1. Extract the two included folers to the TRAINSET directory of your Trian Simulator installation. 
(ex. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)

2. COPY the following files from the SLI.ATSF folder to the CR_GP35_3645 and CR_GP35_3669 folders:

	- SD40_GLASS.ace
	- SD40_INT.ace
	- GP35c.ace
	- SF_GP35_2854.s
	- CABVIEW folder
	- SOUND folder

3. Rename the shape files to match the names of the .eng files inside the CR_GP35_3645 and CR_GP35_3669 folders.
		ex. SF_GP35_2854.s to CR_GP35_3645.s and SF_GP35_2854.s to CR_GP35_3669.

4. Now for the fun stuff. Decompress the two shape files so that they may be viewed in a Uniocode format using the program of your choice. 
For example, RouteRiter and Zipper are two programs that work well.

5. Open the shape files using a text editor (notepad works) and search for this line in each:

	prim_states ( 11
		prim_state 1_-_Default ( 00000000 0
			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 0 0 0 1

6. Change it to look like this:

	prim_states ( 11
		prim_state 1_-_Default ( 00000000 0
			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 0 1 0 1
	     ( It's this one right here:    ^^^  )

7. Save and compress the shape files.

8. Create a consist with your new locomotives and enjoy them!

Original model, textures, cabview and sounds by Streamlines Corporation
Blank texture set by Dean Kurowski of Sceeter's Paint Shop
Freight Animation shape file by Matt Oleson
Painted into CR scheme by Eric Pannese


I shall claim no responsibility for any problems or damage this file may cause to your system.

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