Digital Rails

File: CR_GP38AC_7658/CR GP38AC Readme.txt

A lone Conrail GP38AC renumbered from Matt Florack's LV GP38AC, used with permission.

To use, they require the Streamlines BN locomotive pack for the CABVIEW and Shape File as well as Matt's 645 sound set.

1. Unzip this download to a temporary file named CR_GP38AC_7658 and place it in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS
2. Copy the shape file of BN_GP38_2_2105.s into the file and rename it CR_GP38AC_7658.s
3. copy the cabview folder into the CR_GP38AC_7658
4. Make a consist and let 'er roll!

Thanks to SLI for changing their policy on repaints, and thanks to Matt Florack for allowing me to use his repainted base textures.

Renumber by Conor Persky aka "Trainboy13"

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