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File: CR_GP38AC_7658/LV GP38AC Readme.txt

LV GP38AC 312
Reskin by Matt Florack
Original locomotive by Streamlines Inc., uploaded with permission.

This item requires the following items to be installed properly on your computer--

--SLI BN pack (courtesy of )
--MC_EMD645 sound set from the TERW website ( )


1) Install the LV_GP38AC_312 folder to your TRAINSET folder. 

2) Go through the EMD645 sound set installation process. The loco download already has the sounds aliased in, so you won't need to worry about this.

3) In the SLI.BN folder, copy the following files--
		a) the file "GP38c.ace"
		b) the file "GP38d.ace"
		c) the file "BN_GP38_2_2105.s"

4) Paste these three items in the LV_GP38AC_312 folder.

5) Once pasted, rename the file "BN_GP38_2_2105.s" to "LV_GP38AC_312.s".

This should be it! Your locomotive is now ready to use. Happy running!

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