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Coast Sub Paint Shops Daylight SD70ACe pack

Included are 8 SD70ACe repaints in the famed SP "Daylight" scheme. 6 are painted for Southern Pacific, and 2 as additional Union Pacific heritage engines.

You will need to unzip into a temporary folder onto your desktop. From there, you will need to go into your SD70ACe engine folder of choice, and copy the following items.
Cabview Folder
Sound Folder
Any SLI SD70ACe, preferrably with a high headlight.

Paste them into the "Daylight SD70ACe" and "Daylight SD70ACe (UP)" Folders.
You will then, need to take the .s file and rename it to "SP_SD70ACe_9846.s" you will NEED to do this for each locomotive number. Once you have a shape file matching for each number, you will need to open up Shape File Manager, and view the "Daylight SD70ACe" folder, Uncompress each .s file as needed, for the XXXX_SD70ACe_xxx.s

Then search for the following line by hitting "Ctrl F" and type in images, hit enter. 

images ( 3
		image ( XXXX_XXXX_SD70ACEa.ace )
		image ( XXXX_XXXX_SD70ACEb.ace )

You will see the line above, change it to the following.

images ( 3
		image ( SP_SD70ACe_9846b.ace )
		image ( SP_SD70ACe_9846a.ace )

Save changes, and compress. Do this for each .s file so that the line for the "a" and "b" ace files will be set up like so.

image ( SP_SD70ACe_9846X.ace )
image ( SP_SD70ACe_9847X.ace )
image ( SP_SD70ACe_9848X.ace )
image ( SP_SD70ACe_9849X.ace )
image ( SP_SD70ACe_9850X.ace )
image ( SP_SD70ACe_9851X.ace )

for the SP engines, and

		image ( UP_SD70ACe_8305X.ace )
		image ( UP_SD70ACe_8306X.ace )

for the UP ones, with the "X" representing the "a" or "b" that needs to go in for each ace file.

After compressing these files back, you will then be able to move the "Daylight SD70ACe" folders into your Trains/Trainset folder, create a consist, and you are on your way!

Danny Beck/Streamlines Inc - Original cab, sound, shape, and textures
David Hancock - Blank textures
Brody Wyrick - PTC Antenna freight animation and repaint
Wendell Kiesman and Dustin Raiken - Assistance in correcting the freight animation

Brody Wyrick
Coast Sub Rail Shops

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