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File: CSXT_ES44AC_950/Readme.txt

CSXT ES44AH # 950 right side front door

This item requires the following items to be installed properly on your computer--

Requires the Streamlines BNSF Scenic Subdivision Route for the sounds, cabview, and loco shape. 
Required shape is BNSF_ES44AC_5726.s


1. Extract the folder CSXT_ES44AC_950. to a temporary location. 

2. Place this folder in your TRAIN SET directory of MSTS.
(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET) 

3. You must use the files from BNSF_ES44AC_5726. Copy the following files from the SLI.BNSF folder to the folder you just placed in your Trainset folder: 

- BNSF_ES44AC_5726.s
- ES44CABINT.ace

4. Rename BNSF_ES44AC_5726.s to the same name as the .sd file name.


Original model, textures, cab, and sounds by Danny Beck and Streamlines. http// 
Freight animation shape by Wade Severin (used with permission)
Font by Pete Willard
Blank texture file by Eric Pannese


Repaint by Enrique Castellanos S.

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