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File: CSX COIL/ReadThis.txt

CSX 1oo Ton coil cars 10 pack by Byron Ashlock & Edward Sketcher
 CSX textures(c) 2008 by Byron Ashlock & Edward Sketcher
Original Shape by: Byron Ashlock and Edward Sketcher
Available only through the MOPHOUSE-MLT Downloads forum library. 
These cars are NOT to be uploaded ANYWHERE ELSE! 
Please don't re-distribute them!



	1.  Unzip the contents of this file to your Trainset folder in your Train Simulator 
		Directory, usually: 
		(Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Trains\Trainset)
	3.  A folder named: "CSX COIL" will be created in this directory.
	2.  Use the Activity Editor, Conbuilder or Similar Program to create a consist and enjoy!


Legal Stuff:

Use of this model is at your own risk.

These models may not be distributed in any type of payware product without prior written consent
from the authors.

Repaints are permitted as long as you include the original readme file and give proper credit. 
If you have time and think about it, I would ask that you please send me a small note about your 
reskins prior to release. This is NOT necessary, simply I would be interested in knowing about it. 
My e-mail address is below. 

These cars are going to be nearly impossible to repaint without having the original TSM files for 
mapping. I apologize for this inconvenience. You are more than welcome to make an attempt at drawing 
over the existing textures, as it may work if you know what you are doing.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail me or Edward at:
Byron Ashlock --
Edward Sketcher --

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