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ÿþThe Athearn DDA40 was a vision of what the next generation double diesels would look like and be. 

There is some debate as to weather or not this engine was made. Some rumors say it was made as

a shell with no prime movers or electrics and was on display for a while. Union Pacific became 

interested in upgrading their fleet and with the 100Th anniversary coming quickly, wanted something 

other than what was being shone. They wanted a wide cab and the centinneals were a result. EMD 

was rushed for the first DDA40X's to go out and the shell that was to be a DDA40 became the parts 

for the DDA40X of UP. Yes, The DDA40X was a GM EMD experiment.

Athearn has put out thousands of these engines and I thought that after owning one 30 years or so ago

it would be fun to be drivable in Train Simulator. This model is the result.

I would like to thank, OakwaySD60, Jim England, Sean Lim, and Bob Boudoin for their parts in the 

development of the DDA35's the stepping stone to this engine.

Ron Furto sounds are required for this engine - They can be downloaded at or you can alias to any

engine you prefer.

This engine is the sole property of Dwight E. Miller. It will not be sold. It will not be a part of payware.

Any repaint of this engine will give credit to the author of this engine. This engine runs just fine on my 

computer - if it doesn't on yours and causes problems - I am in no way shape or form responsible.

If you don't agree to this than erase any and all files that pretain to this engine. 

Copyrighted 2003 - 2004


Dwight E. Miller

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