Digital Rails

File: DRG&W_SD45_5533/Read Me.txt

Repaint of SLI SF_SD45_5379 into DRG&W_SD45_5533 All models and textures by Streamlines Corp ""

You must have the ATSF Super set that contains the shape file for SF_SD45_5379 in order to make this repaint work.

1. Unzip this download to a temporary file named SP_SD45_5379 and place it in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS
2. Copy the shape file of SF_SD45_5379.s into the file and rename it DRG&W_SD45_5533.s
3. copy the cabview and sound folders into the DRG&W_SD45_5533 file
4. Make a consist and enjoy

Thanks to the SLI folks for their repaint policy!

Repaint by Kent Stough "BULLETS"

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