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File: EJ&E_SD38-2's/Original Readme.txt

British Columbia Locomotive Works - 
Pack Includes: 3 Elgin Joliet and Eastern SD38-2's in "J Ball" paint scheme

This is a repaint of the Streamlines BN SD40-2 into Elgin Joliet and Eastern SD38-2 paint scheme. In order for you 
to use this reskin, you must own the Streamlines BN Locomotive Pack.
Sounds and Cabview have been aliased to the original SLI.BN folder, so you do not need to copy these folders.
A big Thank You goes out to SLI for changing their reskin policy, which made this model possible.
A BIG Thank You goes out to Bernard Grant, who's help made this project possible.
Another personal Thank You goes out to my beta testers, who put up with the endless versions and revisions to this project. 
It wouldn't be as good as it is without you.
The default BN cabview is supplied with this unit. While not prototypical, it will get you started.


1) Place the folder EJ&E SD38-2s in a temporary location. Inside you will find 3 folders 
labeled EJE SD38-2 667, EJE SD38-2 672, EJE SD38-2 676.

2) Place these folders in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS. 
(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)

3) You must use the files from BN SD40-2 6782. Copy the following files from the SLI.BN folder to the 
3 folders you just placed in your Trainset folder:

	- BN_SD40_2_6782.s

4) Now you have to modify the SLI BN SD40-2 Shapefile- Follow this very carefully, and it should work out just fine
 (These instructions are also in every folder)

5) Make a COPY of your BN_SD40_2_6782 shapefile. DO NOT edit your original! This way you can 
   always throw away your copy if something goes wrong.

6) Uncompress the copy of the shapefile using the program of your choice. 
   (I recomend Route Riter, available at Just search for )

7) Open the shapefile using notepad or another text editor

8) Search for this line:
   (I recomend doing a word seach for "prim_states". That should take you to the right area.

	prim_states ( 13
		prim_state 1_-_Default ( 00000000 0
			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 0 0 0 1

9) Change the section so that is reads like this:

	prim_states ( 13
		prim_state 1_-_Default ( 00000000 1
			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 0 1 0 1

   *****Note- In Step 9 all you are changing is the last "0" to a "1" in the second line (prim_state 1_-_Default), in 
	the 3rd line (tex_idxs) Change the 4th "0" to a "1"

10) Now- find this line:

	images ( 4
		image ( SD40a.ace )
		image ( SD40b.ace )
		image ( SD40c.ace )
		image ( SD40d.ace )

11) Change it so it reads like this:

	images ( 4
		image ( SD38a.ace )
		image ( SD38b.ace )
		image ( SD38c.ace )
		image ( SD38d.ace )

   You could also copy and paste these changes, just make sure to not change any of the spacing or other
   characters, or errors could result.

*****NOte***** You only need to do this to one shapefile. You can then take that copy and put it in the other folders

12) Recompress the shapefile again using Route Riter.

13) Change the shapefile's name to the name on the .sd file.

14) Next, you will need to choose the ENG file you wish to use. "Eng File w flashing ditchlights" contains an ENG file that features
ditchlights that alternate in the "Dim" position. Or the other file "Eng File with standard light setup" contains an ENG file that has the
standard Off/Dim (top headlight only)/Bright (headlight and ditchlights on bright). Either one can be used with no modifications.

15) Make a consist and enjoy!

Any questions, contact me at Alternately, almost any of the forums should
also be able to help with this.


Original model, textures, cab, and sounds by Danny Beck and Streamlines.   http//
Shape file modifications and Strobe Light Code by Bernard Grant and BEW Team
Flashing Ditchlights by Mark Anderson email:
SD40-2 Blank texture file by Ryanr_3751
Freight Animation by Matt Olesen
Freight Animation assistance by Jeff Auberpine
Reskin by Matt Olesen

British Columbia Locomotive Works |

If you have any Questions, Comments or Problems to report, Please email us at . Thanks!

* Disclaimer *
BCLW claims no responsibility for any damage or problems that this
file may cause (But it shouldn't, it works fine for us)

These repaints are freeware and are not to be sold or distributed anyware without our permission. This model is used with premission from SLI.

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