Digital Rails

File: EMD_DD40/README!.txt

This is a completely new model built from scratch in TSM. Contains Parts
and Textures by Byron Ashlock, and Edward Sketcher. Textures source: Google.
Credits for couplers goes to:

Tim Muir  2004
3D modeling of Coupler (c) 2004 Jeff Link and Tim Muir
3D Modeling of airbrake connections and textures (c)2004 Tim Muir
Coupler Texture base (c) 2004 Steve Thompson.


Model is based on the UP 6936 that is in operation today by Union Pacific. It
includes the new roller bearing style trucks found on 6936 as well as Ditch Lights.
Also included are coupler release levers, air hoses, and more.

This model is not of the best quality, but It is my first locomotive in TSM. If
anyone would like to make some proper adjustments to the model, and they agree not 
to steal parts from the original model, or use it in any manner to benefit for 
themselves without proper consent from the authors  ( Byron Ashlock, and Edward Sketcher)
they may contact me at "  " 

Installation:  Requires that you have:, and available in 
the file library at, and also uses a horn from the MC_DASH8V2 sounds
which can be downloaded from the TERW site at: 

Extract "" to a temporary folder. Copy the folder "EMD_DD40" to your 
trainset folder.  Next, you must copy all of the sound files from the "SD40" folder
that came from and paste them into the sound folder located in the
EMD_DD40 folder.  ( if you have trouble locating the SD40 folder for your sounds,
try looking in the common.snd folder located in your trainset folder. Also needed  
for the sounds to work properly is the UPDASH8_horn, and x_UPDASH8_horn files located
inside the MC_DASH8V2 folder from TERW. Copy the two horn files into the sound folder 
of the DD40, and rename them to  SD40_horn1, and x_SD40_horn1.  That should do it!

You may repaint/renumber this loco, and release it back to as long as no 
files are added or removed from the original release. If you would like to release this
engine to another site, please contact me at "" and 
let me know which site you would like to release to. It wont be a problem, I just need to
know where it is going.

If you are interested in getting the TSM files and fixing this locomotive up to better
standards, you can contact me at "", and we will 
work something out. If you have a part (such as glass or some other small piece that 
you would like to contribute and have added, you can send me a request to do so along 
with the tsm piece 

Legal Issues:
I am not reponsible for any damage this unit may cause to your computer. It worked
fine on my machine, and several others, and I shall assume it will do the same for 
you if installed correctly. This locomotive may not be released as payware in any 
shape or form.

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