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FRISCO Firefly mail Train set by Frank Burns 
Original Baldwin K5 Locomotive and coaches by Mark Seiple (Kree8tiviT)(Lehigh Valley John Wilkes).
I wish to thank Mark for allowing me to repaint his beautiful locomotive, I hope I've done it justice.
The Firefly was a High Speed Mail/passenger train run during the 1930s thru the forties by the Frisco. It was the only streamlined steam train they operated..The K-5 was capable of easily topping 100 mph....Consists generally were 2 mail cars and 3 coachs, and sometimes a diner. History on this train is sketchy at best, as are good pictures...
I have equiped the coach  model with a #5 passenger view, done some lighting changes and enabled a whistle effect to the ENG file. I have left Mark's Physics in place, as they seem quite adequate for this locomotive.

To install, just place the SLSF Firefly folder in your trainset folder and place the included consist file in your consist folder and off you go!
Note: The wheel flanges  on the coach wheels might appear to run outside the rails on certain views, This is an anomolly I cant explain...its not noticeable all the time. The wheels are riding on top of the rails. any ideas? I'm open to suggestions there. I hope you like this..
Now for the bad news..This model is not to be re-distributed outside of the Mophouse forum. Permission for Any such redistribution or repaint for redistribution  MUST come from myself and Mark Seiple. You will find all of his documentation in the ORIG DOCS folder!
FIREFLY  (c) 2006 by Frank Burns and The Mophouse

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