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File: GECX_SD40T2_8308/readme GECX_SD40T2_8308.txt

ÿþMLT Payware Cascades Crossing MLT SP SD40T2 8356

is needed for shape file, 2 ace files and Cabview.

MSTS Renumber of MLT SP SD40T2 8356 into GECX SD40T2 8308.

All you need is to copy the s file from MLT SP SD40T2 8356

and rename it to GECX_SD40T2_8308.s.You will also need to copy the Cabview, 

sd40t2c.ace and sd40t2d.ace.

Gratefull thanks to all at MLT for the great engines to

work with in the first place. These renumbers will only 

be available from

I assume no responsibility if this model causes any ill effect or harm to your machine or system.

Thomas Sturny  (thomasstu)

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