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File: Readme.txt

BNSF GP35 #2648 

Alterations and Freight Animation
By Matt Doti
(SouthwestChief on the Forums)

Introduction, Credits, and Features:

This BNSF GP35 repaint would never have been possible without the talented modelers from Streamlines.  
To find this GP35 and other amazing locomotive packs and routes please visit the Streamlines website linked below:

In addition to the minor texture and detail changes, this BNSF GP35 also includes a freight animation to address some minor mapping issues.

In order for this BNSF GP35 to work, you will need to have purchased the Streamlines ATSF Seligman Route.  
If you do not have this route, I’d highly recommend it.  
Here is a link:

This GP35 includes .eng files that are aliased to the original Streamlines Cab and Sound files.  
Hopefully the CABVIEW and SOUND folders are still in their original location which should be:

Program Files/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/TRAINS/TRAINSET/SLI.SELIGMAN

Installation Instructions: 

Please Follow These Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Creating the BNSF GP35 Folder 

Copy and paste the folder named BNSF GP35 2648, found in this download, into the MSTS Trainset folder found under:  
Program Files/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/TRAINS/TRAINSET

Step 2:  Importing the original Streamlines GP35 shape file

You will have to copy and paste the shape file named, SF_GP35_2838.s, into the BNSF GP35 2648 folder you created above in step 1.  
This shape file comes in the Streamlines ATSF Seligman Route.  
The location of this shape will be found under:

Program Files/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/TRAINS/TRAINSET/SLI.SELIGMAN

Step 3:  Potential Issues

Hopefully you have followed the easy steps above and now you should be ready to run the BNSF GP35.  
However if you do encounter problems, take a look at this check list below before contacting me.

1.	Do you have the Streamlines ATSF Seligman Route?

2.	Did you copy and paste the original Streamlines shape file named SF_GP35_2838.s into the BNSF GP35 2648 folder?

3.	Are the original CABVIEW and SOUND folders still in the SLI.SELIGMAN folder?

Legal Information: 

This BNSF GP35 must be downloaded “as is” and “at your own risk”.  
I am in no way, nor is Streamlines, or anyone else involved with this project responsible for any problems this download may cause to your computer.  
This download contains no warranties, be they implied, express, or warranty of title.

In order to redistribute any material found in this download it is highly advisable you contact any and all people whose work you wish to redistribute.


I hope you enjoy this BNSF GP35.  
I wanted to make a “clean” BNSF patched switcher and number 2648 seems to fit the bill nicely.  
The most recent photos I’ve seen of 2648 show her with an orange air conditioning unit and that’s how I painted this version.

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