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File: GWWR 2100 & 2101/GWWR 2100/ReadThis!.txt

FRISCO 1900 EMD SD70ACE 09-16-2006
Model designed and built by Dwight Miller
Layout of the texture maps by Jim England
Modified into FRISCO 1900 by Dennis Jones
The textures and images on this locomotive were sourced from Public Domain sites and various FREEWARE units freely available on the web. Some were hand drawn as well. The following is a list of contributors to this unit :
Frank Burns, Ken Plaza, Charley Hill, Dennis Jones, Justin Cornell, 3DTRAINSTUFF(FreewareSD70M), Jay Underwood, Paul Watson,Micheal Eby  and of course, Dwight Miller.
The sounds included with this set are the property of MASW. They are included here with permission.  You must get their permission to include them in ANY release!  They are very flexible folks! PLEASE make sure you ask before release of your repaint!

You are free to paint and upload this model provided you include this README and acknowlegement of the author Dwight Miller.
This model is to stay FREE and may not be included in any payware project or sold.

Copywrite 2006, The Mophouse & Dwight Miller

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