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File: HLCX_SD45_9034/README.txt

Thanks for downloading this repaint. 

HLCX SD45 #9034. 

First of all, I'd like to thank Kent for the original repaint of the Morrison Knudsen unit.

And I'd like to thank Eric Pannese for the F/A Ditchlights and the lighting code. 

Also SLI (and Danny Beck) for the model and original textures. 
1. Copy the folder HLCX_SD45_9034 to a Temp folder (or your trainset folder).
2. Then find your SLI.BN folder and copy the shape file BN_SD45_6476 over to the folder HLCX_SD45_9034.
3. Then rename the BN shape file to "HLCX_SD45_9034"
4. Next go back to SLI.BN folder and copy SD45c and SD45d to the folder "HLCX_SD45_9034"
5. Then you should be all ready to go.

The cabview and sounds are already aliased to the cabview and sound folders of SLI.BN so if you don't have
that folder your sounds and cab wont work, of course you can always change the sounds if you wish. 
1. This repaint didn't blow up my computer, so I don't take responsibility if it harms yours.
2. Please don't distribute this repaint at other sites without my permission or the other guys permission's in this Readme.
If caught, the repaint will be pulled. 
3. You cannot sell this repaint either. 

If you experience any problems with this repaint please feel free to contact me any time at my email ""

Thanks, Barry Kincy

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