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File: Hyrail_SVR/readmeoriginal.txt

MSTS Hyrail Truck BN

Here is a the ultimate get around vehicle for your routes. You can drive this Hy-Rail truck around your MSTS routes fairly quickly, and check on new things on routes in progress. The new cabview allows one to get a good look in many directions. Textures, Shapes, and cabview by Ted curphey. Sounds by Matt Doti. Engine file help by Derek Morton.

To install;

unzip this file to your C: drive (or whatever drive your copy of MSTS is) with the "folders" option box check on your winzip program.

Repainters; You are free to repaint and redistribute the vehicle. Just make sure all the repaints go into the same folder and don't overwrite the exsisting exsisting files. That means you will need to rename some of the textures, and then open the shape files and change it so that it points at the new texture.

Any questions?
Ted Curphey

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