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File: IC GP3850/Ditchlight Readme.txt

MRL SD45 330


This is a repaint of the Streamlines BN SD45 into MRL SD45 330. Included is a freight animation shape to give the locomotive ditch lights. In order for you to use this reskin, you must own the Streamlines BN Locomotive Pack.


1. Extract the folder MRL_SD45_330 to your TRAINSET directory of MSTS. (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)

2. You must use the files from BN SD45 6476. Copy the following files from the SLI.BN folder to the MRL_SD45_330 folder:

	- BN_SD45_6476.s
	- CABVIEW folder
	- SOUND folder

3. Rename BN_SD45_6476.s to MRL_SD45_330.s

4. Make a consist and enjoy!


For any technical issues, contact me at


Original model, textures, cab, and sounds by Streamlines.   http//

MRL Reskin and freight animation ditch lights by Eric Pannese

Copyright Eric Pannese 2008

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