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MSTS LS&I General Electric U30C #3001, 3005 & 3008
Original model, shapes, skins and physics by Maple Leaf Tracks
Remarking & renumbering by Scott Sauvola

Note: This download includes the .ENG and .ACE files only. You must own the Michigan Iron Ore route by Maple Leaf Tracks for these models to work.

Installation instructions:

As with any editing, I recommend making a backup copy of your TRAINSET folder before beginning.

1. Extract the zip file to a temporary directory.
2. Open the extracted file, and copy the folder for each individual locomotive to your TRAINSET folder.
3. Open the LS&I_U30C_3003 folder in your TRAINSET directory.
4. Copy the CABVIEW, .S and .SD files to the folder for each new locomotive. Rename the .S and .SD files to match the number of the new units (ex. LS&I_U30C_3005)
5. Open the .SD file for each new unit and change the second line to match the new locomotive number. 
ex: shape ( LS&I_U30C_3005.s
6. Create a consist and enjoy. The activity editor will include both a driveable and an AI version of each unit.

Note: These units will use the aliased sound from the MLT GEs. For a more prototypical prime mover, bell and horn I recommend using the sound file that comes with the BN U30C/C30-7 set available from Diesels West. 
Thanks to Maple Leaf Tracks for a great U30C model.

Use these files at your own risk. The author will not be held responsible for damage to the end user's computer. These files are for personal use only and may not be redistributed without written consent of the authors.

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