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File: MILW1500/BEW Instalation Instructions.txt

ÿþBEW MILW Renumber GP35 #1500

REQUIREMENTS GM&O Simulations Milwaukee Road 4 Pack,for shape files, engine file & .sd files.

Permission to upload ace files granted to BEW by Paul Fowler


1: From your "MILW1508" folder created when you installed the Milwaukee Road 4 Pack from GM&O copy the Sound and Cabview Folders to the folder created when unzipping this download IE "MILW1500",

2: Copy the following 5 files from the same folder as 1: above to the "MILW1500" folder, "MILW1508.eng", "MILW1508.s", "", "MILWGP35details.s", and "".

3: 3 of the files copied over in step 2: above need to have some renaming carried out as follows:

	3a: rename MILW1508.s  to MILW1500.s

	3b: rename  to, then open the file in a unicode aware editor like Microsoft Wordpad and 

	    on the second line you will find this written   Shape ( MILW1508.s   change that line to read  Shape ( MILW1500.s

	    and save as a unicode text document.

	3c: rename MILW1508.eng to MILW1500.eng, then open the file in the editor as you did in the last step and find and 	    change the following 5 lines:

	    3c1: Wagon ( MILW1508 (usually the second line of readable teaxt from the top) rename to Wagon ( MILW1500

	    3c2:  WagonShape ( MILW1508.s ) (this is 2 lines below the one above) rename to  WagonShape ( MILW1500.s )

	    3c3:  Engine ( MILW1508  (this is found just below the lighting section) rename to  Engine ( MILW1500

	    3c4:  Wagon ( MILW1508 ) (this is about 20+ lines below the last entry) rename to  Wagon ( MILW1500 )

	    3c5:  Name ( "MILW1508" ) (this is almost at the bottom of the page ) rename  to  Name ( "MILW1500" )

	As you can see from above it is just a case of finding all the entries with the engine no 1508 in them and changing 		them to read 1500, providing you carry out the instructions completely then you are all ready to make a consist using 	        the MSTS Editor or Conbuiler and run in the sim (one included)

Copyright for the shape files and original textures belong to Paul Fowlwer of GM&O Simulations

Renumber/Livery change by Bernard Grant (burgerburn)

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