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File: MILW2066/MILW2066/MILW_GP40_installation.txt

ÿþMilwaukee Road 4 GP40s.

This program installs to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET

Created by Paul Fowler, GM&O SIMULATIONS.

All GP40 shapes and textures Copyright © 2006 by Paul Fowler.

Eng file data by Bob Boudoin.

Lighting by Kelley D. Ellison for GM&O SIMULATIONS and re-positioned by Paul Fowler.

Raw Horn supplied by Edward J. Kaspriske.

Ed has been a great help with horns.

The GP40 series are sole property of Paul Fowler, GM&O SIMULATIONS. 

The GP40s cannot be uploaded anywhere else. 

These files CANNOT be uploaded anywhere else, nor can they be given to anyone else. 

I am also not responsible for damages to your system, and there are no warranties on my work.

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