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Burlington Northern # 6630,6636 and 6640 , nose headlights, a 3600hp F45 of GN and BN heritage. This cowl unit is highly detailed and 
comes in three versions, standard ( 6630 & 6636  ), turned ( 6640 ), and  AI ( 6630 ). The models come with a customized 
cabview based  on Don Crano's dark cab standardized setup ( The model uses the Ron Furto sounds customized
by Ted Curphey ( This  is a photo textured unit ( where possible)   using Ted Curphey  couplers 
and airhoses as well as a strobe light , and the trainline airhoses will align with Ted´s  newer
 equipment.  BN reskin by Lucio Moreira.

To install, unzip the file, into a temporary folder, then drag / drop into your Trainset folder.
Use Conbuilder or Edior and tools,make a consist and enjoy.

In case you have any problem with the models you can reach me at or

Lucio Moreira

*******This read me file is the MRL original by Ted Curphey, edited to reflect BN models and changes made.

Milwaukee FP45 #3 locomotive reskinned by Dennis Jones ( with permission from 
Mr. Ted Curphey.

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