Digital Rails

File: README.txt

These container sets require Cascade Crossing by Maple Leaf Tracks.

From your Trainset folder, locate the MLT Freight Folder.  Copy the TTX_HuskyStack_2a.s into the MLT_Freight_DS2 and MLT_Freight_DS3 folders.  Rename the DS2 file to TTX_HuskyStack_2MSC.s and the DS3 file to TTX_HuskyStack_2MSC2.s.  Also copy the sound folder from MLT Freight into each new folder. 

Questions or comments?  PM me at altoonafn here on the fourms at MLTD.

These files may only be released at MLTD!  

Disclaimer:  These files have not harmed my computer or any of my testers computers.  They should not harm yours.  However, I am not responsible if they harm yours in any way.  

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