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File: MP1221/Cabview/Read Me First GenSW.txt

MSTS Generic EMD SW Cab
Dwight Mitchell
Ken Powers


First: You might want to print this document.


    This cab is a redesign of NALW's SW cab. I decided that since the original used a variation of "combined power" I would attempt to do this with the help of Ken Powers. The combined power used a Selector Switch to place the engine into power mode or dynamic brake mode. Even tho there is no key in MSTS to actuate this feature we came up with the idea of modifying an ace file to simulate the operation of this switch. I believe the effect is there. The use of the "A" and "D" keys (as used in the MSTS dash-9) simulates the combined power and the effect of the Selector Switch.   This cab is the "basic" version. That is, it has no cab control signals and no digital overspeed indicator. This cab has a totally new Westinghouse 6BL air brake using parts from scratch.  This file also includes two modified right and rear views. Since the engineer spends most of his time looking out the front or rear of the cab I decided to do away with the left view.
There are two variations of this cab. With and without dynamic brakes. There are also two eng files included. One for the cab using dynamic brakes and one without dynamic brakes. There are also two sound sms files included, in case these are not already in your default GP38 sound folder.

This file does not require any other download other than the default MSTS GP-38. This file also assumes that you have a basic knowledge of editing the eng file. This is a must.


 To Ken Powers for the great help on creating the effect of "Combined Power"
 To NALW for the original SW cab and the license to redo it.
 To George Elwood's site for ideas from pictures and other valuable info.

I.    INSTALLATION  (You MUST have knowledge of how to modify the eng file) 

1. First and most important BACKUP and I do mean BACKUP the folder of the engine that you want to use this cab in. If you do not do this first SHAME ON YOU and don't blame me!!

2.    Unzip this file to the drive where MSTS is located (normally drive C:). This will create the directory:  x:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\Common.Cab\Generic Eng Cabs\SW Rebuilt

where x:\ is the drive where MSTS is located

3. In the sub-folder "Alias cvf" of this file are two cvf files
GenSW-wdb.cvf    with dynamic brakes
GenSW-ndb.cvf    without dynamic brakes

4. Choose one of the files in step 3 and copy it into the cabview folder of the engine you want to use this cabview in. You have the option of deleting all other files in this folder if you wish.  If your engine does not have a Cabview folder then create one and then copy the file into this folder.

5. Now the tricky part. Open your eng file with a Unicode text editor (Wordpad for example) and search for CabView:

      NumWheels ( 1 )
	MaxTemperature ( 120 )
	MaxOilPressure ( 90 )
 	CabView ( SW1200.cvf )
	MaxDieselLevel ( 3600gal )
	DieselUsedPerHourAtMaxPower ( 60gal )
	DieselUsedPerHourAtIdle ( 10gal )

       Replace the wording SW1200.cvf with the name of the file you used in step 3. 
       For example:  CabView ( GenSW-wdb.cvf ) or ( GenSW-ndb.cvf) etc.
6.    Look for the following lines: (Skip this step if you are using a Non-Dynamic Brake engine and proceed to step 7)

 Brake_Dynamic ( 0 1 0.025 0 
                NumNotches ( 1
                    Notch ( 0       1 Dummy )
            Combined_Control ( 0 1 0.5 0.5 throttle dynamic )
		DirControl ( -1 0 1 1 )
            BellToggle( 0 1 0 )
            AWS ( 0 1 0 )

Add the line highlighted in BLUE

7. Check your default GP38/Sound folder. It should contain the following files:
Gp38cabCC.sms and GP38engCC.sms
If it does not then copy these files from the Sound folder of this file to the default GP38/Sound folder

8. You might want to run an "Engine Check" first before using. ConBuilder or RouteRiter are good choices.

9. Make a consist and try it out.

10. If you followed these steps then the engine should work with this new cab. If not, you should delete the engine and restore it with the backup you hopefully did.

11.  Just remember to use the appropriate cvf file. WDB for engines with dynamic brakes and NDB for engines without dynamic brakes.



 If you do not like the side views you may want to change these to your choice in the appropriate cvf file. 


Where throttle and dynamic brake handles are separate entities, it is well known that the throttle uses the A & D keys for control and the dynamic brake handle uses the period and comma keys. With the combined power control there is a slightly different concept. 
When the Sim starts, it will be noted that the throttle is in the 'IDLE' position. All power settings are made using the A & D keys as usual. When it is determined that dynamic braking is required, the throttle should be decreased to the 'IDLE' position. Then press the A key again. The throttle handle will not move but 'SET' will appear in the window. At this point, allow 10 seconds for the dynamic brake circuitry to be 'set-up'. If the brake is advanced before sufficient time has elapsed, a warning will sound and nothing will happen. When the brake is ready, it may be advanced a notch at a time using the A key. To reduce braking effort, use the D key. To return to power settings, reduce the brake settings back to 'SET'. Pressing the D key again will advance the window back to 'IDLE'. 
During dynamic braking, the sounds of the engine will change relative to the setting in both the internal (cab) and external (eng) views. Reverse current readings will also be displayed on the load meter. 
There are a few tutorials on the theory and use of dynamic braking floating around


All ace files are either my own creations or modified ace files from MSTS/KUJU and NALW. Ken and myself have spent many hours, weeks in fact, designing this cab and many hours of erasing and starting over thanks to some great suggestions and head banging. This cab file cannot be used for any commercial ventures for profit or distributed in any other form on CD, any recordable medium or any web site without my express permission. Since this file started as a SW cab by NALW you will need their permission too. This file has been and will only be uploaded to  
This file has been tested on several computers with no problems. I will not be held responsible if this file somehow "messes up" your computer. It is your responsibility for following the instructions and knowing what you are doing.



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