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File: MP1221/SOUND/Read_Me.txt

Prototype GP9 sounds for Locomotives that use the EMD 567-16 cylinder non-turbocharged Prime Mover. By Ron Furto.
These sounds are correct for GP7, GP9, GP18, SD7, SD9, SD18, F3, F7, and F9 models.         Beta testing by John Means.
#EMD 16 cylinder "567" inside and outside prime mover sounds.

#Custom horn, bell, dynamic brake and traction motor sounds. Custom inside cab airbrake sounds. 

#Some sounds included are default but slightly altered. All my custom sounds use the RF prefix, 
   Any files without the RF prefix are default.      

You will notice that the engine does not rev-up when you advance to the first notch. This is intentional to match 
the prototype.
These sounds were intended to be used with MSTSbin. Installation of MSTSbin is not required for these sounds to work.
Using different sound files for the same type of locomotive in a multiple unit consist helps to eliminate the echo 
effect that MSTSbin users experience. I am releasing two different EMD non-turbocharged sound sets, each using 
completely different engine sound files. This set was taylor made to work together along with my GP7 sound 
set ( ). These play very well together especially if you run just 2 or 3 units in a consist.  

Unzip to a temporary folder. Copy and paste or drag and drop the enclosed "SOUND" folder into the engine folder of 
your choice. Open the engine file and scroll down past the lighting section and look for the line for engine sound. 
Change that line to read "RF_GP9eng.sms". Then scroll down to near the bottom and find the line for the cab sound. 
Change that line to read "RF_GP9cab.sms". I would highly recommend that you make a backup copy of your engine file first.
You may want to place this "SOUND" folder into your common sound folder and alias any engine to it.
I would suggest that you edit one line in the engine file of any locomotive aliased to this sound. 
Open the engine file and scroll down to you see this line "DieselEngineMaxRPMChangeRate". 
Change the number on this line to 35 and save your changes when you close.
  I will allow redistribution of my files, you don't need to ask for my permission but I ask that you do the following.

1 Please do not rename any of my sound files if you redistribute them. They are the ones with the "RF" prefix.

2 Please do not change or alter any of my wave files if you redistribute them.

3 Please give me credit as the original author.

4 Include a copy of this readme file inside the sound folder of any redistribution.

5 These files may not be redistributed as payware or with any payware product. They must remain freeware.

Use these files at your own risk. These files should in no way harm your computer but if for some bizarre  
reason they do, I am not responsible. By downloading and installing these files you agree to this.
Any questions or comments you can send me a private message at My forum name is "rockislandfan".

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