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KLW TrainSim:
KLW 40-Series Sounds, v4.0 (subpackage of Metra MP36PH-3S 4-Pack v1.0)
By Kurt Kaminer - KLW TrainSim
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The new KLW EMD 40 Series Sound v4.0 pack included with the Metra MP36PH-3S is a specialized version of our upcoming, complete EMD 40 Series Sound v4.0 pack for non-passenger units running EMD 645 prime movers. The package included with the MP36PH-3S omits the idle .wav files, and does not include relative .SMS files for non-HEP applications.

The new v4.0 sounds run at a default of 16000Hz, as opposed to MSTS's default 11025Hz, and are superior in sound quality as a result. It is suggested that one utilize the maximum sound fix in the global file (search's archives for the procedure) in order to prevent dissapearing sounds.





Refer to KLW website for latest respective EULA. 

Distribution/modification/re-release prohibited in the event of site outage/temporary EULA dissapearance, etc.

Distribution is limited to the Members section of KLW TrainSim.



-3D Model:
--Kurt Kaminer

--Kurt Kaminer
--Tristan Garrett

--Kurt Kaminer
--MASW (MARS light)

-ENG file:
--Bob Boudoin

--Kurt Kaminer

-KLW 40 Series Sounds v4.0 editing and .SMS files:
--Kurt Kaminer
-EMD 645 recordings:
--Michael Hansen

-Sound recordings:
--Michael Hansen

-Prototype Reference:
--Tristan Garrett
--John Means

Once again, I hope you enjoy this package, and likewise, that you have a merry Christmas, and an equally happy, bright and safe New Year's '08.

Take care,

Kurt K.
KLW TrainSim

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