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File: MidlandValley_GPs/mv801/ReadThis!.txt

MSTS-Midland Valley/ Kansas, Oklahoma& Gulf  EMD Gp-9 #801
Engine Number 801

Original Model by Dick Cowen
From his GP-9 Re-skinning kit 2-2-04
Includes a GP9 HiHood cabview...also by Dick Cowen.
Repaint  by Frank Burns

The Midland Valley was a shortline operating in Kansas and northern Oklahoma..It and the Kansas, Gulf & Orient operated from Wichita south into Oklahoma, serving towns like Belle Plaine, Gueda Springs, Arkansas City, Blackwell, and even Tulsa..Midland valley also offered passenger service as late as 1955.I rode the MV trains many times as a kid to visit my grandparents in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Missouri Pacific operated them for awhile before absorbing both lines into it's growing system. Many sections of track still remain to this day of both lines...mostly industrial spurs for various industries the both roads used to serve....The entire old KO&G yard on ORIENT AVE. in Wichita is still in use today....AfterKO&G left, AT&SF took it over, After the SantaFe, Kansas Southwestern, an OMNITRAX company, took it over and they still operate it.....There is now a Full service Engine house and shop located there and it is the main yard facility for Omnitrax in Wichita. They also operate most of the remaining Mopac trackage in southern Kansas and north Oklahoma.Gp9 #801 is one of approx. 10 Gps once owned by MV and KO&G...The locomotive carried the liveries of both lines. My friend, Cody Winkleman, author of the Frisco: Kansas Division, is currently working on the Midland Valley route from Wichita to Tulsa, Also on the Santa Fe Branch from Emporia to Moline, Ks. via Eureka, and the remaining segment of the Frisco Kansas Division from Wichita to Pierce City, Missouri.....More info on these projects as he informs me......Frank
The custom cabview and sound sms files included in this locomotive file are by Dick Cowen...Unzip to your trainset folder, make a consist and drive away.....!!

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Installation: extract this zip file to Trainsim/trains/trainset folder, put the included consist in your consists folder, and have a blast!


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