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File: Mopac_Special-E8/Mopac_Special_ E8_Readme.txt

Missouri Pacific Special E8 A&B Units #4
Model by 3DTrains & Marc Nelson
Trucks and undercarriage by Frank Burns
Reskinned by Ken Plaza

You must have the payware Santa Fe E units set from  You'll need the s.file for this to run it.
To install, extract this zip file to a temp file somewhere on your computer. Copy and Paste the unzipped file to your miscrosoft games/train simulator/trains/trainset folder.  Copy the two ( USE THE #80 A&B UNITS) "s" files from your Payware ATSF E unit set and rename one of them to Mopac_E8A and the other one to Mopac_E8B.
Create a consist in the consist editor or conbuilder and you're set to highball!  These would be great to run with my Mopac Special passenger set that are also available in the file library at the Mophouse.

Installation instructions are in the included 3DTrains README file
Cabview and sounds are aliased to the E units superpack.
You can edit your own cabview and custom sounds to your preferences. 
Redistribution of this software is allowed under the terms outlined by the included 3DTrains license.

Thank you Frank Burns for beta-testing.

This software will not harm your computer.
Ken Plaza

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