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File: Mopac_Special-E8/Orginal_3dtrains.com_Readme.txt

EMD E8Am and E8Bm - ATSF - v1.1
File Date: 11.29.03

This SuperPack consist of 9 locomotives (six A-units and three B-units), two complete sets
of cab files, and a single set of sound files shared by all E-Units. The exception is the
horn file, which at a later time will be updated for this particular locomotive. Also
included is a "Cab Controls & Operations Guide." This will help you become familiar with the
controls of both cabs.

 - Models and Textures:
   The included maps are compatable for all E-Units. Images for E6A's will work for E9A's,
   E7A's, etc., but are not directly compatable with F-Unit skins.

 - ENG Limitations:
   The E7's use eight exhaust stacks, as opposed to the two on the later E9's. Because MSTS
   only allows for two exahust entries in the ENG files, I've had to fudge-around with the
   widths. The result is not all bad, but probably not as nice had there not been a limit.
   If you come up with a better value than the one I presented, I would be interested in
   seeing your results.

 - Experimental:
   Some folks had mentioned the numbers on the sides of the F-units (in the lower quadrants)
   were difficult to read. This is because of the limits of the available texture area, but
   I've found a solution: placing a small rectangle set of polys near where the numbers are
   and applied the textures from a larger area on the image maps.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your locomotives.

Marc J. Nelson

If you're reading this, then you've already installed your set. By default, the installation
assumes the location of MSTS to be "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator" - If
MSTS is installed in another location, then you should have selected this during install.

Locomotive files will be placed in the 3DTrains_EUnits_ folder, located in the
MSTS Trainset directory:

    Train Simulator
        |-- Trains
            |-- Consists
            |-- Trainset
                |-- 3DTrains_EPack
                |    |-- Cabview
                |    |-- Operators_Manual
                |    |-- Sound
                |-- 3DTrains_EUnits_
                |-- Cabview
                |-- Options

Included in the install is a series of batch-files so that you can switch from hidden crew
to displayed crew and back.

Note: By default, the ATSF E-Unit sets use large textures, with the crew is displayed for
all primary (A1) units. If you wish to use one of the A-Units as a trailing unit in multiple
sets, use one of the batch files provided in the "Options" directory where the ATSF set is
installed. For those with older video cards, you may need to resize the large 1024 x 1024
textures to 512 x 512. If you need assistance, drop me a note.

Not included with this set are the needed templates for painting your own locos. These will
be made avilable at a later time.

There's a few more parts that you can "hide" with alphas - by default, the wind-wings (the
small window on the A-pillar) and marker lights (the small squares with a bulb attached on
the rear of the unit) are displayed. Adding a full alpha (black) will hide these. Many RR's
used these (or a variant of them), but some didn't. Please refer to photographs of the item
you're duplicating. If you can't find what you're looking for, I may have the right picture
showing the detail (or lack thereof).

The Pro Series of locomotives would not be possible without the following resources:

 - George Elwood's Fallen Flags    
 - Alberta Railway Museum:         
 - Canada Science & Technology Museum:
 - EMD F-Units of the SP, SSW, and T&NO:
 - NOR-CAL SP Connection:          
 - Santa Fe Historical Society:    
 - Southern Pacific Historical Society:

 - King, Steve. Clinchfield Country.
   Silver Springs, MD: Old Line Graphics, 1988.
   ASIN: 1879314010

 - Hopkins, William E., and Stephen J. Salamon.
   The Western Maryland Railway in the Diesel Era.
   Silver Springs, MD: Old Line Graphics, 1991.
   ISBN 1-879314-07-X

 - Hayden, Bob. Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives.
   Milwaukee, WI: Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1980.

 - Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society. S-P Bulletin.
   Dunsmuir, CA: Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society.

 - Julian Abram
 - Michael Berger
 - Bob Boudoin
 - Brad Brown
 - Harold Clitheroe
 - Tony Cullen
 - Dave Foster
 - Tom Gibson
 - Larry Granfield, III
 - Eric Joiner, Jr
 - Bruce Kennewell
 - Chris Lee
 - Chris Longhurst
 - Ken Martello
 - Scott Miller
 - Vern Moorhouse
 - Ron Paludan
 - Bill Weibel
 - Michael Woodill
 - Akira Yoshida
 - Dan Zollner

...and countless others - my apologies if I missed anyone.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the enclosed software, please feel free to
contact me via email:

For technical support, please be sure to include your full name, the product(s) you
purchased and/or downloaded, and the specifics of your problems relating to this software,
you can use the Product Feedback & Support forum at 3DTrains:

...or you may contact me via snail-mail at:

Marc Nelson - 3DTrains
3764 Harrison Street
Riverside, California  92503-4219

Tel: (909) 689-1583 (9am ~ 5pm PST)

v1.1	11.29.03
 - Minor detail changes

v1.0	11.17.02
 - Initial release

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