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File: TRAINS/TRAINSET/MP6723gevo/DOCS/MASWReadme.txt

By Nick Kelsey and John Means
Date: November 2, 2005
Completed at: 4:00P.M. CDT

Description: We bring to you, one half of Union Pacific's newest motive power, the ES44AC, or as UP has dubbed the unit, the C45ACCTTE. This unit's number is 5423. It includes an all new horn recording, also.

V1.1 FIXES!: This upgrade incorporates the shape file update to stop the sky problem and an upgrade to the textures. The texture fix is fixing the problem with having the MLT textures on the roof.

Installation: Simply copy the "UP_ES44AC_5423" folder into your "Trainsets" folder. Overwrite anything you are asked to. This unit will not harm your previous install.

Credits: Model and textures by Nick Kelsey. .ENG file modifications by John Means. Horn originally recorded by Dennis McCurry. Modification by John Means. Original physics by Bob Boudin.

Disclaimer: No one in or affiliated with MASW is responsible for these files. If they harm your computer, sorry. They don't harm mine, they should work fine on yours.

The unit is an officially licensed Union Pacific product. It may not be redistributed in the Union Pacific livery unless distributed through the Means Locomotive Works. Also, this unit is in no way to be used for a person own money-profiting purposes. This model is free and it STAYS that way. Thank you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Or would you care to skin this unit into anything other than Union Pacific, give us at shout at for those above or for permission to rebistribute this unit.

Thanks for downloading another MASW product! Hope you enjoy it!

President of MASW: John Means
Head Modeler and skinner: Nick Kelsey

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