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File: TRAINS/TRAINSET/MP6723gevo/DOCS/READthis.txt

Mophouse Heritage ES44AC 
A Mophouse release by Frank Burns
(c) 2006 The Mophouse

All texture work and paint done by Frank Burns, (FROM BLANK TEXTURES)
Cabview, Eng. file modifications and SMS files by Frank Burns.
Original model by John Means and Nick Kelsey of MASW. (see their enclosed documentation in the DOCS folder)
This unit is not to be uploaded anywhere but the Mophouse. Repaints are permited, but subject to permission from ME and MASW .
BETA testing by Ken Plaza and Muschka
Put the loco in the proper place in your trainset folder. Make a consist with Conbuilder and off you go. This unit uses some sounds from your default Dash9, so make sure its installed as well!
Enjoy! and regards from
Frank and the Mophouse bunch!


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