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File: NJT_6999/CSRP readme.txt

KLW TrainSim:
NJT xxx MP36PH-3S v1.0
By Kurt Kaminer - KLW TrainSim

Repaint by John "JJ" Chaisson and
Cold Steel Rails Productions

Tech help with numberboards
Edward Sketcher

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* Microsoft: Train Simulator Update v1.2
* MSTSbin 1.7.x or higher



 This is a repaint of the KLW Metra MP36PH-3s.This is an excellant model to work with and I thank Kurt for giving me the opportunity to paint it. 



-ThoPil for his PolymasterPlus, for without his excellent utility, this locomotive would have never seen Train Simulator.

-Tristan Garrett, Michael Hansen, and John Means for their help, photographs, sounds, and prototype information provided - without you fellows on the job, this MP36 would never have been nearly as accurate to the real thing.

-Joe LeMay, for his constant nagging me to finish the MP36...for two solid non-stop years.

-All the creators and suggestionmakers of the MSTSbin update. You've made MSTS more enjoyable then it ever has been. Pity I never have time to actually enjoy it ;)

-Everybody who's helped, thanked, cajoled, critizied, nagged and attacked me since I dropped into the black hole of the MSTS hobby back in '01. If it were not for you, I would not have the ambition to outdo (or at least, attempt to outdo) myself with each subsequent KLW release.



Refer to KLW website for latest respective EULA. 

Distribution/modification/re-release prohibited in the event of site outage/temporary EULA dissapearance, etc.

Distribution is limited to the Members section of KLW TrainSim.



-3D Model:
--Kurt Kaminer

--Kurt Kaminer
--Tristan Garrett

--Kurt Kaminer
--MASW (MARS light)

-ENG file:
--Bob Boudoin

--Kurt Kaminer

-KLW 40 Series Sounds v4.0 editing and .SMS files:
--Kurt Kaminer
-EMD 645 recordings:
--Michael Hansen

-Sound recordings:
--Michael Hansen

-Prototype Reference:
--Tristan Garrett
--John Means

--John "JJ" Chaisson

-Technical assistance:
--Edward Sketcher

I hope you enjoy this loco, Have fun..........JJ

Take care,

Kurt K.
KLW TrainSim

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