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File: NP_Plypack/NP_1435/NP_1435.txt

NP "Ply-Pak" Double Door Boxcar

Based on Original Freeware model of Larry Goss' super-detailed boxcar 
Repaint by Charley Hill (BN1970)

unzip the contents of this .zip to a temporary directory of your choice and then cut and paste it in your Train Simulator/trains/trainset directory. Now you can
add this car to your consists using the MSTS consist editor.
Copyright and Distribution

Feel free to "re-skin" this object.If you plan to re-package this model with new 
skins or support files please create a new zip with a new name and give credit for the 
files that are used or modified from the original model. 

Larry Goss' rights and wishes concerning this model must be respected.

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