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File: NS_D9-40C_8885/NS_D9-40C_8779 Update/MLT_C40-9_#8779 Stallion.txt

ÿþBEW New Ace Files for  MLT C40-9 #8779 

This engine is finished in the white face new logo finish.

Gratefull thanks to all at MLT for the great engines to

work with in the first place. 

place both folders "Original Ace Files" and "Updated Ace files"

into your "NS_D9dash40C_8779" folder. to use the new ace files

simply copy and paste the 2 ace files from the updated folder

into the main "NS_D9dash40C_8779" folder, thats it, if you want 

to change back, copy and paste the ace files from the original

folder, Note: please copy and paste rather than move the files

or you will lose the ability to change back and would have to

reinstall the NS engine pack again to get the original files


update by Bernard Grant (burgerburn)

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