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ÿþBEW NS D9-40CW #8889 V3.

This Contains completely updated files for #8889 to bring it to V3, it now no longer needs the shape file as the shape file has been changed with permission to be more accurate for a NS engine.

Changes to the original Maple leaf Tracks Freeware replacement default BNSF Dash 9 shape file include:

1 - The rectangular hole in the nose left when moving the lights to above the cab has been filled in.

2 - Added rear ditchlights.

3 - Replaced original 3 chime horn with K5LAR45 horns (with K5LA sounds).

4 - Removed A/C unit and A/C base from the cab roof.

5 - Removed (straightened) Gull Wing Roof on cab.

6 - Raised main body and couplers to correct ride height above the rails.

7 - Revised bogies and wheels to match rail height and re-gauged wheel sets.

8 - Modified front and rear step railings to match NS profile.

New FreightAnim shapes provide:

1 - Translucent cab windows.

2 - Recessed cab mounted dual headlights.

3 - Chains across the footplate opening front and rear. 

4 - Crew members (optional).

The ENG file also includes a new lighting package,now with step lights, ground lights and porch lights.

Please remove any previous intalls of this engine before using this one


Original locomotive model and textures: Maple Leaf Tracks

Original crew shape and textures: Paul Gausden

Reskin & engine file Mods: Bernard Grant (burgerbern, BEW) & Rich Evarts 

Original MLT Shape file revised by: Rich Evarts  

K5LA Horn Sounds  By Nick O'Dell


Although this model includes many revisions to the shape files and textures to more faithfully represent a Norfolk Southern D9-40CW, it would not be possible without the excellent original model from Maple Leaf Tracks.  Many thanks to Andy Hockin of Maple Leaf Tracks for giving permission to distribute the modified model and to Paul Gausden for the use of his ubiquitous crew members.

Copyright information:

All components of this model are the property of Maple Leaf Tracks, the Burger engine Works (BEW), Rich Evarts and respective authors as listed above.  You may NOT reuse and/or distribute any part of the model without the express written approval of MLT, BEW, Rich Evarts and all respective authors as listed above. All rights reserved.  All files are to be used at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any problems as a result of the use of these files.

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